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Our Alumni Program: The Journey Continues

When you join the SCRC family, we make a lifelong commitment to your recovery.

Your Lifetime Membership

Your relationship to SCRC doesn’t end when you leave our facility. Whether you’ve spent a day or a year with us, you’re not “just a client.” You’re part of our growing family of recovering men, which means you get access to our robust alumni program.


Thriving Together

Staying connected isn’t just about phone calls and messages—it’s about shared experiences. Our Alumni have access to free group activities like:

  • BBQs
  • Pickleball
  • Paintball Tournaments
  • Beach Events
  • Virtual 12-Step Meetings

Our events ensure everyone feels connected and supported, and that they have a great time with their community.

A young man exudes joy as he confidently grasps a tennis racket, radiating enthusiasm for the sport.

Keeping Connections Alive

At SCRC, we make a concerted effort to ensure everyone feels valued, heard, and supported after treatment ends. Our team goes the extra mile to stay in touch with every individual that’s been a part of our center, ensuring we keep our bonds strong. This isn’t just about checking in – it’s about providing ongoing support, guidance, and a listening ear whenever it’s needed.

As men in recovery ourselves, we know firsthand that we’re always stronger together. We’re here for you, every step of the way.

Alumni Testimonials

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SCRC helped save my life. I graduated from SCRC in 2020 and have maintained sobriety ever since. I came into scrc a broken man, with only a trash bag full of clothes to my name. They helped me to get my life back on track and gently guided me to make the decisions that would serve my continued recovery.

–Benjamin C.

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I’m eternally grateful for my experience at SCRC and for everyone there that helped me along the way. The staff truly cares about helping each client achieve freedom from alcoholism/addiction.

–Elijah L.

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I have SCRC to thank for filling my life with hope, love and sobriety. The staff at SCRC provided me with the many tools and opportunities I needed to take back my life and to grow as a man living in recovery. Hands down the best long term recovery program I have been to and I have unfortunately experienced many. Not only did I take back my life, but was given the opportunity through SCRC and their community to blossom into an entire better version of me that I didn’t even think possible. Thank you to all the wonderful loving folks at SCRC and special shout outs to my man Cliff S. And Frank I. Two of the best sober men I have had the pleasure of meeting and sincere friendship that I cherish more than you probably know. Much love!

–Ben M.

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I can honestly say SCRC saved my life. 4 years of sobriety later, I am enrolled in school to work in the same field as the guys at SCRC that helped me to get sober. None of this would be possible without angels like Cliff, Thurman, Rachel, Tim and too many more to count. If taking your life back into your own hands sounds like something that would interest you, I highly suggest giving these professionals a call.