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Dr. Araz Tawfique, M.D.

Dr. Araz Tawfique, M.D. is an award-winning, Board Certified psychiatrist in La Jolla, CA with fifteen years of experience working with people with diverse needs. He pursued his true passion for psychiatry and completed his psychiatric residency training at the University of Reno, Las Vegas,  A San Diego native, he returned to Southern California to receive additional training in mental health, and start his private practice.  His specialties are psychiatry and psychotherapy which are techniques that facilitate a better understanding of thoughts, feelings, and motivations. His approach explores the interplay of biology, psychology, and sociology in shaping individuals and their relationships.

Dr. Tawfique’s experience includes delivering comprehensive addiction treatment at substance abuse centers in San Diego County, work as the Medical Director of Consultation/Liaison Psychiatric Services at Sharp Coronado Hospital, providing psychiatric emergency evaluations at San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital, and  private practice experience.