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Frank Izzo, Counselor

Frank Izzo is a Certified Alcohol and Drug counselor who has been a proud team member of SCRC since 2016. He is devoted to helping people who are struggling with alcohol and substance addictions find a path to sobriety. Frank has a vast experience and training in working with men in diverse populations and with a various range of mental health issues. Frank provides individual counseling to his clients as they work the 12-step program, conducts weekly groups that provide tools to aid clients in their recovery, and works with clients’ therapists and psychiatrists to ensure optimal care for his clients’ individual needs. As an SCRC alumni, Frank is passionate about guiding his clients into recovery as he was, and he continues to be a shining example and mentor to those he counsels. When he is not working, Frank Izzo enjoys golfing, being creative in culinary arts, and is just as passionate about the Los Angeles Dodgers as he is about helping those in recovery.