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Jesse Velasco, Counselor

I am Jesse Velasco, a proud native of San Diego County and the fourth child among five siblings. Growing up in an environment affected by substance abuse, I understand firsthand how past negative experiences can deeply impact one’s life and shape personal values. This understanding has fueled my desire to support individuals who have similar backgrounds.

For over six years, I have been working in the field of recovery, dedicating myself to helping others. Currently, I am pursuing my education at Palomar College in Southern California. As a member of the Rising Scholars Program, I am part of a community that supports individuals who have been impacted by the system, encouraging them to utilize education to achieve their goals.

My major at Palomar College is Alcohol and Other Drug Studies, and I am a certified substance abuse counselor. In the recovery field, my primary objective is to assist individuals in reaching their goals of success in their journey towards recovery. I intend to continue my education, seeking further degrees to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills, ultimately enabling me to better support individuals on their recovery path.

A key emphasis in my work as a substance abuse counselor is the utilization of evidence-based practices. By employing these practices, I strive to contribute to the overall well-being and success of individuals in recovery. My goal is to educate individuals through research-backed methods, strategies, and interventions that can significantly impact their lives positively.